Aug 3An 8 out-of 8 day of night hiking, camping, and astrophotography at Bear Gulch Reservoir with Kevin Y.
Aug 2Kevin C.'s Google Orchestra concert.
Jul 28Sunrise at Trojan Point with Kevin C., Kevin Y., Jess H., and Winnie W.
Jul 28Kevin C.'s birthday surprise is a success!
Jul 27REI garage sales with Kevin Y.
Jul 26Pseudo-film walk with Jess H.
Jul 23Good chat with Nicole A.
Jul 23Amazing long run with Kevin C.
Jul 22Eating Korean food during sunset at Wavecrest Beach with Nicole A. and Linda X.
Jul 20Big Sur with mom and dad.
Jul 19Great night editing pictures with Kevin C., Jess H., and Kevin Y.
Jul 14Chill afternoon with Andrew K.
Jul 14Sunrise at Battery Spencer with Becca L., Andrew K., and Nikhil P.
Jul 13My first mani-pedi with Becca L.
Jul 6Sunset at Mori Point with Manny H., Eugenio D., Kaitlyn C., and Nikhil P.
Jul 5Chilling at Facebook HQ with Sabrina L, Darren G., and Rachel C.
Jul 3Sunset at Sierra Vista with Eugenio D., Jessica H., Saffron H., and Rachel C.
Jul 2Left work early and edited pictures in my bed in sweet bliss.
Jun 30The most beautiful sunrise at Glacier Point with James T. and Vivian D.
Jun 29First time seeing the Milky Way after an amazing Mountain House dinner at our camp.
Jun 29An 8 out-of 8 day at Yosemite National Park with yoseh-mite bois.
Jun 28Surprised James T. with Sabrina L. hiding in the park!
Jun 27James T. finally got into town!
Jun 26Surfed for the first time at Santa Cruz with Jaewon Y. and Wenson G.
Jun 22Sunset at Cypress Tree Tunnel and Point Reyes National Seashore with Allen M., Joyce C., Carolyn T., and Raymond C.
Jun 22Frances L. is in town! Time for card games and matcha.
Jun 22Sunrise at Kirby Cove with Linda X., Bill Z., and Jessica D.
Jun 20Catching up with Jemmin C. over dinner.
Jun 18Bumped into Tiffany C. at On One!
Jun 15Chill day playing Hanabi by the pool and watching movies with Brian C. and Nawon C.
Jun 14Insane night in the Emergency Room.
Jun 12Impromptu board and card games with Nawon C., Brian C., and Rachel Y.
Jun 11Got six Intuit interns to come to On One Dance Studios.
Jun 9Finally some time alone watching sunset at Poplar Beach.
Jun 9An extremely chill day with Sabrina L. and Allen M. in SF.
Jun 8The most beautiful sunset I've seen at Wavecrest Beach with Sabrina L. and Allen M.
Jun 8Another nice SF afternoon with Justin A.
Jun 8Marin Headlands sunrise with CMU peeps (watch out for flying jackets).
Jun 4First urban dance class of the summer with Nawon C.
Jun 2Published Foggy Sunrise Adventure.
Jun 1First of many great afternoons crashing at Justin A.'s apartment.
Jun 1Sunrise at Battery Spencer and Points Bonita Lighthouse with Sharon W., Nanxi L., and Su Y.
May 31Wine Tasting at Napa Valley with Intuit Data Platforms.
May 29First day of work at Intuit.
May 27Hellooo, California! :)
May 26Watched Avengers: Infinity Wars with Mom and Christina B.
May 19One of those days you do nothing with great friends, yet the day was incredible.
May 18I love my friends. Chilling with the canaduh bois.
May 17Landed in Toronto and introduced my friends to each other!
May 13Picnic and spontaneous night photoshoot with Linda X.
May 12One of the best conversations I've had this year while reconnecting with Soonho K.
May 11Cried SO much while watching Other People. Strongly recommend!
May 8Messed up my neck learning how to front flip.
May 5Hanabi with Nicole A. and Linda X.
May 3Read a letter I wrote to senior-year me during freshman year.
May 3Laughed my hardest since Iceland after my final with Sam Y.
Apr 30Met Honne at their concert!
Apr 21Alpha Chi Omega formal with Linda X.
Apr 21Caught up with Amanda P.
Apr 16Dinner at Legume with Andrew K., Nicole A, and Linda X.
Apr 13Picnic at Schenley Park with Nicole A.
Apr 7Christina's film was a COMPLETE SUCCESS! Teared up watching her reaction to it.
Apr 7Great chat with Joonha L. over Las Palmas.
Mar 31Watched Bohemian Rhapsody. Wow.
Mar 26Started watching one of the best shows out there, Heart Signal.
Mar 19An entire day of travel while dealing with food poisoning.
Mar 16Was overcome with complete wonder and amazement at Gljรบfrafoss.
Mar 16ANOTHER 8 out-of 8 day.
Mar 15Met Rashaun at Diamond Beach.
Mar 15Another 8 out-of 8 day.
Mar 14Christina made me the best dinner I've had in months. Fafsa nuf!
Mar 14Christina got into Iceland and gifted me with my first 8 out-of 8 day.
Mar 13Beautiful hike to Bruarfoss and warming up at Secret Lagoon.
Mar 12STUNNING sunrise at Thingvellir National Park.
Mar 12Landed in Iceland!
Mar 11Extremely fun day with Andrew C. and Liz S. It's been a while since I've laughed this much.
Mar 10Great night with Andrew C. and his roommate.
Mar 10Landed in Boston.
Mar 5Hugh's birthday video was a success!
Mar 3Found out I deleted 600 GB of footage from Seattle.๐Ÿ˜ž
Feb 26Wine Tasting with Nicole A., Linda X, and Em.
Feb 22Finally watched Free Solo.
Feb 16Waffallonia with Em.
Feb 16Celebratory lunch with Andrew K. The guy got into Berkeley and Penn for Math PhD!
Feb 8Built SpotiShare at TartanHacks with Bradley Z.
Feb 1Wonderful Friday night alone.
Jan 30Benched 225 pounds!
Jan 27Chill Sunday with Elisa W.
Jan 25Learned a choreo with Steph Y. and Ashwin P.
Jan 20Good chat reconnecting with Joonha L.
Jan 20Climbed for the first time with Justin A. Thanks for bringing me, but never again!๐Ÿ˜–
Jan 19Went out of my comfort zone to audition for Dancer's Symposium with Steph Y.
Jan 18Watched The Hate U Give with Nicole A., Steph Y., and Ruyee F. What a film!
Jan 11Sunrise adventure at Robert Moses with Hugh H. and Darren G.
Jan 8Extensively meditated on relationships and resolutions for 2019.
Jan 4Night out in K-Town with Hugh H., Darren G., Nancy L., Cynthia Z., Alisa O.
Jan 2Made some fun illustrations. ๐Ÿ˜›
Jan 1Felt thankful for friends who sent me clichรฉ Happy New Year messages.๐Ÿ˜Š
Dec 29McAllister with Brian B., Calvin L., and Travis H.
Dec 28Finally a day I can do my introvert things!
Dec 23Late night games with family + Hugh H. + Scott K.
Dec 22Elephante concert with Christina B., Hugh H., and Maddie P.
Dec 21Published personal journal analysis article.
Dec 20NYC with Elisa W.
Dec 16Feels good to be back home in NY.
Dec 14Fun time catching up with Nicole A.
Dec 10Wine Night with Elisa W.
Dec 10Fun conversation with Jen L.
Dec 7Had the most awkward conversation of my life (during an interview). ๐Ÿ˜ต
Dec 2Published my full Seattle Summary video.
Oct 23Got the highest grade in the class on an exam! This has never happened before! ๐ŸŽ‰
Oct 7Ran the Chicago Marathon! One of my dreams since I started long-distance running!
Oct 6Chicago Marathon Expo + shot my first hyperlapse with James T.
Oct 5Feels great to be back in Chicago and to see James T.
Sep 25A cute girl talked to me at the gym because she watched my videos. A tremendous moment in my life.
Sep 24Flattered that a stranger wanted to take a selfie with me because she was a fan of my YouTube channel.
Sep 23No lines at CMU SCS Let's Talk for an hour! Recruiter chatting heaven!
Sep 22Watched Crazy Rich Asians (best movie of the year) with Andrew Kwon.
Sep 22Caught up with Jemmin C.
Sep 21Caught up with Nicole A.
Sep 21First of many teary-eyed sessions making my Seattle Summary video.
Sep 17Nice video-chat catching up with Frances L.
Sep 16Spent 2-3 hours making a draft of a video I'm in LOVE with.
Sep 13First therapy session.
Sep 3Re-ran journal analysis and sentiment for summer months were very high!
Sep 3Set up my new photo collage from summer pictures!
Sep 1The first Schenley 10G Cleaning Convention lasted all afternoon.
Aug 27First day of my senior year.
Aug 25Relaxing day with mom and dad back at home.
Aug 25Goodbye Seattle, and cheers to the best summer of my life! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Aug 24Great chat with Frances L. at the lovely Gas Works Park to wrap up this summer!
Aug 24Last day working at Amazon.
Aug 23Fun photoshoot at Gas Works Park with Brian B. and Sara B.
Aug 19Finally hiked Mt. Rainer via Skyline Trail with the lads!
Aug 18Sunset/night hike at Northern Cascades with James T., Bennett P., Yingning G., and Waterloo friends.
Aug 12Published Boating in Seattle | Week 10 | Seattle Summer Internship
Aug 11Capitol Hill with Frances L., Joseph Z., and their friends.
Aug 11Boating in Seattle and Bellevue Downtown Park with family.
Aug 10Amazon Spheres and Gas Works Park with family.
Aug 10Family landed in Seattle!
Aug 9Such a fun time jamming with Frances L.
Aug 7Published and made a dope video with the help of Yingning G.--such a cool person.
Aug 6Soul food and Twin Peaks with Hugh H. and Ji Hwan S.
Aug 5SF nightlife with Hugh H. ๐ŸŽ‰
Aug 5Dolores Park and Golden Gate Bridge with Hugh H., Andrew K., Derek Y., and Zack S.
Aug 4"Learned" a choreo with Hugh H.
Aug 4Landed in San Francisco to visit Hugh H.
Aug 2Felt a deep sense of happiness that I haven't felt in a few weeks.
Jul 31Had a vulnerable and empathy-filled conversation with Frances L. Thanks a lot for that. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Jul 29Fun time chilling at Kevin Z.'s place in Capitol Hill.
Jul 29Hiked Mt. Si with Frances L., James T., Kevin Z., Yingning G., and Yingning's Waterloo friends.
Jul 28Met Yingning G. at Facebook Summerfest.
Jul 28Facebook Summerfest with James T.
Jul 26Amazon Intern Alexa Hackathon with Devin K., Brandon L., and Echo L.
Jul 22Silly fairy lights shoot with Frances L.
Jul 22Paddington 2 with Christine I.
Jul 22Biked Green Lake with James T., Emily L., and Liz S.
Jul 21Hiked Snow Lake with James T. and Liz S.
Jul 20Really fun chat and photoshoot at Gas Works with Frances L.
Jul 19Published Week 3 | Seattle Summer Internship
Jul 19Amazon Post-Prime Day Concert with Sara B.
Jul 19Amazon Spheres and Kerry Park with Sabrina L.
Jul 10Expressions Lab with Christine I.
Jul 9Had an open and understanding conversation with Frances L.
Jul 9Dan P. is such a wise guy.
Jul 7Seattle Street Food Festival with Sara B. and her friends.
Jul 7Published Week 2 | Seattle Summer Internship
Jul 6Capitol Hill with Frances L., Joseph Z., and Christina K.
Jul 6Met Frances L. at tennis with other Amazon interns.
Jul 4Fireworks at Gas Works Park with Alan W. and friends.
Jul 2Made mosaic "art" at Expressions Lab with Nicole A.
Jul 1University Village with Brian B. and Sara B.
Jun 30Wholesome and uniquely college experience watching Paddington with Matt L. and James T. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Jun 30An incredibly hard and just as fun hike to Mailbox Peak with Matt L., James T., and Sabrina L. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Jun 27Another great chat with Dan P.
Jun 26Expressions Lab with Christine I. Finally found a way to get into painting!
Jun 24Another wonderful hike to Lake 22 with Sabrina L., James T., Emily L., and Sabrina's many friends.
Jun 23Wonderful hike up Bandera Mountain with James T., Bennett P., and Jonas K. (the lads)!
Jun 22Met Sabrina L. and had an amazing chat with her at Seattle NightTales.
Jun 19The first of many enriching talks with Dan P.
Jun 17Dan H. landed in Seattle!
Jun 17Franklin Falls with the fam.
Jun 16Met James T. at the top of Rattlesnake Ridge
Jun 16Rattlesnake Ridge with Tanuj N. and Emily L.
Jun 14Much needed time alone and away from technology at Pike Place Market.
Jun 13Published Week 1 | Seattle Summer Internship
Jun 11Very interesting FaceTime chat with Hugh H.
Jun 8Anchorhead Coffee with Anna F.
Jun 6Published Week 0 | Seattle Summer Internship.
Jun 6Explored Lake Union Park and downtown with Anna F.
Jun 4First day working at Amazon.
Jun 2Best day I've had in a few months exploring Pike Place Market, Alki Beach, and UW with Nicole A., Jessica T., Anna F.
Jun 2Met Anna from Indiana!
May 31Published My Junior Year at Carnegie Mellon University.
May 30Lots of lessons shared at UW AAIV sharing night with Sara B.
May 30Hellooo, Seattle! :)
May 24Research night back at Commack High School. Daniel L. is graduating; I'm getting old.
May 22Had my LASIK surgery. ๐Ÿ˜ต
May 16Goodbye, Pittsburgh. Hello, New York!
May 15Published End of Junior Year at Carnegie Mellon University.
May 14Fun day with Ashley H.
May 13Junior year is now in the rear-view mirror!
May 12Finished analysis of my personal journal using NLTK.
May 6Ran the Pittsburgh Marathon.
May 4ODESZA concert. SO good!
Apr 29โ€œNever chase love, affection, or attention. If it isnโ€™t given freely by a person, it isnโ€™t worth having.โ€
Apr 27Tri Delt formal with Ashley H.
Apr 25Got transferred from NYC to Seattle for the summer. Thank goodness!
Apr 22Published Spring Carnival at Carnegie Mellon University
Apr 22Hugh H. left Pittsburgh.
Apr 21Went to the Wale CMU Spring Carnival concert.
Apr 20Booths with KUPC alumni.
Apr 19Start of Spring Carnival with Hugh H.
Apr 16Published Visual Diary: A Day at Carnegie Mellon University.
Apr 13Great weather! Great mood!
Apr 8Watched The Post. Meryl Streep is queen.
Apr 7Published A Day In My Life at Carnegie Mellon University.
Mar 20"Hard work is admirable, but love is necessary."
Mar 17Caught up with Andrew Kwon.
Mar 16Caught up with Justin A.
Mar 9Great conversation with Ashley H.
Mar 8Got placed on AWS DL.
Feb 15Holy moly. Black Panther was amazing.
Feb 5KUPC prayer meeting with some KUPC alumni.
Feb 3Dinner at Meat & Potatoes with Jemmin C., Nancy X., and Rachel M.
Feb 3Jemmin C. is back in Pittsburgh!
Jan 28Got food poisoning from Resnik Cafe. Curses!
Jan 24Completely bombed a technical interview. Life moves on.
Jan 13Remade my dorm photo-wall.
Jan 9Saw R. Kurtz again.
Jan 8Compiled a junior winter break summary video!
Jan 6Nets vs. Celtics game with family + Scott K. + Hugh H.
Jan 5Jennifer B. took me and Hugh H. to Cafe China!
Dec 30Made a "creation" video for the Sketch3 illustration.
Dec 30Made my first illustration in Sketch3! :)
Dec 29Accepted offer to work at Amazon for the summer!
Dec 28Pulled together a sept-oct summary video!
Dec 25Christmas presents are a success!
Dec 24Great Christmas Eve with family, Scott K., and Hugh H.
Dec 20Great photoshoot with Hugh H. and Jennifer B.! :)
Dec 19Back in NY!
Dec 18Fun photoshoot with Yeana K. and Wilson C.
Dec 16Six hour CS 15-122 final grading session!
Nov 13Jemmin C. is back in PGH!
Nov 2Shot for CMU Tri Delta crush night.
Oct 28Cashmere Cat concert at CMU.
Oct 27Officially transferred into the Statistics and Machine Learning major.
Oct 27Catch up with Andrew Kwon.
Oct 25Bought 2.5 gallons of Dave and Andy's Thai Iced Tea ice cream. Help me finish it!
Oct 7Made a simple video I really enjoy. :)
Sep 21Caught up with Yeana.
Sep 1Audien concert at CMU.
Aug 28Finished my sophomore 2016-2017 summary video.
Aug 27Fujifilm X-T1 with 35mm f/2 finally arrived.
Aug 26Bye California, and hello Pittsburgh.
Aug 25Hiked Land's End from Sutro Baths to Golden Gate Bridge with Andrew K. and Ruben S.
Aug 23Big C hike at UC Berkeley with Andrew K. and his gang.
Aug 22Great dinner with Jemmin C. and Roger K.
Aug 19Amazing KBBQ at Bud Namu.
Aug 18Reunite with Dan H. after two years in LA.
Aug 14First day of ILTACON in Las Vegas.
Aug 13Goodbye Chicago. :(
Aug 11Spectacular few hours alone without technology on Museum Campus.
Aug 7Christina B. leaves Chicago.
Aug 6Last day of Lollapalooza.
Aug 6Mom and dad flight out of Chicago.
Aug 5Jammed to Jai Wolf live!
Aug 4Mom, dad, and Christina B. arrive in Chicago.
Aug 3First day of Lollapalooza.
Aug 2ThinkChicago 2017 begins.
Jul 30Hugh H. & Ashey C. leave Chicago. :(
Jul 27Hugh H. & Ashley C. arrive to Chicago. :)
Jul 27Dinner at Wildfire Chicago w/ Jump Capital.
Jul 24Bought a new Fuji X-T1 and Fujifilm 35mm f/2 for $800 with the help of Calvin C.
Jul 12Accepted offer to TA CS 15-122.
Jul 11Refreshing night at UChicago.
Jul 8Great conversation at Museum Campus with Emily S.
Jul 7Launched this website.
Jun 28Finished reading Ready Player One.
Jun 20Bethel Concert.
Jun 19Techweek Chicago 2017 begins.
Jun 15Accepted to ThinkChicago 2017.
Jun 10Great conversation at Millenium Park with Monet L.
Jun 5Great conversation at Oak Street Beach with Marian L.
May 27First time playing beach volleyball.
May 22First day at Fulcrum GT.
May 19Landed in Chicago, Illinois.
May 18Great night with KUPC seniors.
May 17Second year officially finished.
May 8Watched La La Land for the first time.
May 8Caught up with Andrew Kwon over lunch.
May 7Ran the Pittsburgh Marathon.
May 3Legume with Jemmin C.
May 2Outcry Concert.
Apr 22CMU Spring Carnival Concert.
Apr 16Easter Sunday at North Way.
Apr 6Accepted offer to work at Fulcrum GT this summer.
Apr 1Shot for TEDxCMU.
Mar 31Dinner with Justin A. and Harsh Y. to end a tough week.
Mar 15Learned how to finger-pick Details in the Fabric by Jason Mraz.
Mar 10Bombed my first technical interview ever.
Mar 7Surprise encounter with Sean T.
Mar 3Watched Arrival.
Feb 25Caught up with Andrew Kwon over lunch.
Feb 24I can see the sun again!
Feb 19Won 2nd place overall at HopHacks Spring 2017.
Feb 17Arrived at Johns Hopkins University.
Feb 14Valentine's Day with CS 15-122.
Feb 11Won APT Sponsor Prize at TartanHacks 2017.
Jan 22First time running with Harsh Y.
Jan 13Back in Pittsburgh.
Jan 12Last day in Washington D.C. with Hugh H. and Ashley C. :(
Jan 11Dinner with Justin C. in Washington D.C.
Jan 10Great night with Hugh H. and Ashley C.
Jan 9Got into Baltimore, Maryland.
Jan 8Watched Captain Phillips with mom.
Jan 1Transitioned my journal to LaTeX.