I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied statistics and machine learning. Before my current job at HubSpot, I interned at Intuit, Amazon, and Fulcrum GT.

At CMU, I was a TA for ML + CS courses, ML research assistant, and a multiple hackathon award winner.

These days, I enjoy daily journaling, adventure photo/videography, and long-distance running. I also like exploring topics such as being Asian American, vulnerability, and thru-hiking.

A wonderful friend once said, "There are so few things in life I find as beautiful as meaningful connections with other people," and I wholly agree.

If you're interested in chatting, you can reach me at jasonjbak (at) gmail.com.

For scheduling, you can refer to my calendar for my availability.

Feel free to check out my résumé or life log!

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